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Following is a series of business related articles. They will help you build your Internet business:

A Few Tips for Making Money Online

There are three things you need in order to make money online.

1.  The first is a product or service to sell. This is the number one reason people do not make money on the internet.

If you don’t know what you are going to sell, you will not know who you will sell to.

You will not know what keywords to use in your domain name, the second thing you need.

2. A website to fit your product or service. The website has two pages and two purposes. The first page you drive traffic to is the landing or squeeze page to capture visitor’s first name and e-mail address.

You give them something of value in exchange for their name and e-mail. Use a double opt-in to make sure you get a valid e-mail address.

The second page you need is your blog. This is the page you will send them to from now on. You frequently and regularly write articles or post videos that give then useful, information free of charge. This is what keeps them coming back long term.

Your blog is the place to build relationships of know, like and trust. Become their trusted adviser. Don’t recommend any products that you have not purchased and found to be of great value. Your reputation is everything.

3. The third element you need is a way to make money. You can have a few ads in the side bar. You can offer affiliate products or preferably your own.

You can review products or write articles about a problem and how your product has solved the problem for a few of your friends. About one sales post  for every five posts of pure helpful content is a good ratio. .

Don’t be one of those who has a buddy with a great new product every day. People will quickly unsubscribe to your newsletter.

Give then lots of your best stuff free. Then you can state, “if you liked my free stuff you will love this program, book or coaching program I have here.” Or, “If you would like to dig deeper I have this…. You can buy.” “If you liked those two tips I have ten more in this book.” You get the idea. A soft sell is all you need if you have given them real value.

Give first and you will receive is the new marketing philosophy.

7 Profit Centers

1. Writing:

You can write articles or others, your own book to sell as a digital e-book, a self published hard book and a Kindle book.

You can rewrite PLR (private Label Rights) material. This is good if you have a hard time getting started staring at a blank page. It also saves you some research time.

You can also write scripts for power point videos or face to camera talking heads. Also the outline for a screen flow video.

Writing skills are also need to create products or courses to sell online.

2. Speaking:

Another way to put your writing skills to use is the preparations for a speech.

There are several ways to make money as a speaker.

  • Keynote speakers are paid highly to give a one to two hour speech at events.
  • Platform speaker. This is about a one and a half hour speech. The first 80 minutes are pure value content that teaches the group some usable information. The last ten minutes tell about your product that will give them even more value. The price is around $2,000 with half the money going to the promoter of the event. No sales, no money for you.

Often you start off by giving free speeches to clubs and local groups until you build a reputation. Writing a book helps move you toward becoming a paid speaker a lot sooner.

3. Giving workshops or seminars.

This is where you promote an event and pay for the advertising to fill the seats and pay for the hotel meeting room. There is upfront money you risk to be the one to receive 50% of all the speakers sales.

You can also put on your own seminar and charge a fee upfront to all attendees. This is probably the safest because you know the size of the audience ahead of time. You can also test the waters with free advertising on webinars and your list.

4. Coaching:

The best way to do this is with online group coaching. You can leverage your time and takes far less time than individual coaching. These are usually weekly webinars with question and answer sessions after some new training. They are for x number of weeks.

You could also include materials that you send out or have them download during the coaching sessions. Be creative with your coaching style. The price would be a reflection of the value you provide. Don’t forget the bonuses.

5. Consulting:

This is similar to coaching on an individual bases. This is usually with corporations on a one time or regular bases. The company has a goal they wish to meet. You brainstorm with them to develop a plan to meet that goal. You can charge large sums to do this kind of work. It takes time to develop a reputation for this level of work.

6. Online marketing:

This covers a number of money making techniques. Here is a list of several; affiliate marketing, promoting your seminars and speaking events, sales of your books, online courses and monthly membership sites.

Product launches are the main way to promote your new offerings. These are usually a series of 3-4 value training videos followed by a sales video to promote the sale on a specific day. The promotion runs about two weeks.

You will line up other affiliates to promote to their lists. Make it as turnkey for your affiliate partners as possible. They are busy and most promote different offers each month. You must give them enough notice to work your launch into their schedule.

They also like prizes and contests to stroke their egos. Get to know several affiliates by asking what you can do for them. Promote them first. Be sure they create quality content that will boost your reputation not harm it.

7. The last way to make money online which I will introduce you to is getting non-profit and corporation sponsors to pay you to help them and you.

If you have a targeted list whom they are interested in sell to they will use advertising money to promote you for that trusted introduction to your list. Win-win.

Success Tips of Brendon Burchard- interrupted by asktheWyman, a student. Wyman Crane

Be an Expert

1. Become an expert of your passion topic. Always be a student and keep adding to your knowledge.

Study others, attend webinars and live events. Read books other experts have written on your topic. Make value comments on experts’ blogs. Not “I like your blog, blah, blah, blah. Add your insightful content or an additional tip.

Three ways to be an expert:

a. Report on other experts. Interview experts and create products from the interviews. Your association as the interviewer causes others to see you as an expert too, being an expert by association. Keep learning and become a true expert.

b. Report the results of your success. This is the second level of being an expert. You can also add the testimonies of your students. This is more powerful than just reporting on other experts. Don’t be afraid of starting out as a reporter first. Action is the key to building your reputation as an expert. Just be honest about your level of expertise but don’t belittle your knowledge when starting out. To a beginner your small level of knowledge makes you an expert to them.

c. The final way to be an expert is to live an exemplary life. Be a teacher and share your expertise freely.

Combine all three of these ways and you are truly an expert.

Know what your work is.

2. What is the purpose of the content you present?

a. Position yourself with your audience and the other experts in your niche. Don’t have competitors, have partners. Have your audience and other gurus look at you as an ethical authority on your topic of expertise. .

b. Packaging your products in such a way that you move your clients from point A to point B. Are your customers beginners, intermediate or advanced in their knowledge. Are you teaching basics or a master class.

This will determine how you present the material. A tutorial based class, a coaching class or a small mastermind group? Do you present with videos, written text or a webinar with live question and answer format?

Ask, what is the purpose of going to point B? Is the goal to make more money, manage the business more efficiently, automate or some other goal?

How can I package the material to make the maximum profit while keeping the price low enough for most to purchase? What should I give away free to help all the prospects star making money?

c. Promote your products continually. If you build it they will not come on their own. Make a schedule of what and how you will promote each month.

Keep re-purposing the material you have as well as creating new products as you learn new techniques.

d. Partnering is the final key to spreading your message to the world. You can only do so much on your own. Leveraging is a success principle that grows your business and profits.

While you are building your list of prospects others are building lists of the same prospects who are interested in their products. There will be some duplication of the same prospects but for the most part others will reach a different list of prospects. Their personality will resonate with one person better than yours.

Doing joint ventures, both of you can share lists of those prospects who show interest in your program or your partners. You can also partner with non-profit organizations or corporations. These entities have huge lists that you can leverage. You provide a benefit to their list members and in turn you add them to your list of prospects. Win-win.   More tips soon. You’ll come back, hear?

Know the Tools to Make Money

3. You need three tools to make money on the Internet:

a. Product

b. A website

c. Promotion Campaign

I discussed these previously in this post.